How to Make Hand Sanitizer | DIY Homemade Hand Sanitizer

How to Make Hand Sanitizer | DIY Homemade Hand Sanitizer

what’s up guys welcome back to a brandnew video with Tiege my name is Dominick for those who don’t know and today’svideo is actually a fun one not only are we going to be helping youguys stay clean during COVID 19 but we’re also going to be teaching you

how to make your own hand sanitizer now with coronavirus basically taking overthe world now more than ever it’s so important tomake sure that we’re staying clean and we’re staying healthyone of the main ways you can do this is simply just by washing your handsconsistently throughout the day for at least20 seconds with soap and warm water but in addition to that when

we do leave thehouse whether we’re going to a grocery store or somewhere essentialwe want to make sure that we have hand sanitizer so we can disinfect our handswe can keep them clean after we’ve touched things or maybe eveninteracted with people and as you’ve probably noticed with COVID 19 we’veseen a lot of essentials run out whether

that’s toilet paper or hand sanitizer sofor this video we want to make sure you have everything you need and with thatwe’re going to teach you how to make your own hand sanitizerand again although hand sanitizer is great for when you’re not at home whenyou are at home make sure you’re washing your handsagain warm water soap at least 20 seconds make sure you’reshowering at least once or twice a day and doing the essentials you need to bedoing to stay clean at home in addition to

all that you should alsostill be going strong on your skincare routine and nowmore than ever is so important to make sure we’re wiping away all the dirt andgrime and bacteria off of our faces so use your TiegeHanley products make sure your skincare routine is consistentbecause again overall we want to make sure we’re the healthiest we can beso let’s get started on making this hand sanitizer the first thing we want tocover is making sure you even have the rightproducts to

get started the first two things you’ll need are a measuring cupwith a spout and a whisk the next thing you’ll needis isopropyl alcohol that’s at least 70 higher the better but according tothe cdc you need at least 70 and the last twothings you’re going to need are some aloe gel and a container to hold thehand sanitizer that we’re going to be makingnow if you want to take it up a notch and add an essential oil or a specificscent to your hand sanitizer feel free to do so

as well now to make this it’s actually super easy first add a two-third cup of the isopropylalcohol to the measuring cup next you’re going to add one-third of a cup of thealoe gel to that measuring cup next you’re going to grab that whisk andyou are going to whisk that thing now you can whisk it to whatever consistencyyou like i personally like a little bit more of agel rather than liquid so it all depends how long you want towhisk it for now if you want to add a little bit more aloe gel just to helpwith the consistency

you can however don’t add too much because you don’twant to mess with the ratio the alcohol is actually the main ingredient thatkills the bacteria so we don’t want that to be overshadowed by the aloe gel nowonce this has been mixed you can add 10 20 drops of your essential oil orpreferred scent and then whisk that in as wellthe final step is to pour that into your container

and then voila you’re done andyou have your own homemade hand sanitizer again you guyshand sanitizer is fantastic i personally keep someright by my door i also have a bottle in my car so when i do have to leave thehouse and go outside i’m making sure my hands are protectedand clean but the number one thing you can do is to wash your handswith warm water and soap for at least 20 secondsmultiple times a day with that we really hope you enjoyed this little tutorial onhow to make your own hand sanitizer duringCOVID 19.

if you like this be sure to share it with a friendif you want to see some other videos that we have as far as skin care andproducts be sure to click over here if you wantto learn a little bit more about Tiege Hanley and the skin care products thatthey offer you guys

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