One Pot Vegetable Rice Recipe – Vegetable Tehri Recipe Tehri

One Pot Vegetable Rice Recipe – Vegetable Tehri Recipe Tehri

Hey everyone today I will show you a quickand easy vegetable and rice recipe commonly known as Vegetable Tehri where the rice iscooked along with potatoes and vegetables. It is the perfect comfort food and very mildrequiring just a few basic spices. Nomoshkar & welcome to Curries with Bumbi. The very first thing we need to do is to washand soak the rice.

Here I have taken 2 cups of long grained Basmatirice. For any Indian rice recipe you need to washthe rice very well till the water runs clear. In this way you are getting rid of that excessstarch from the surface of the grains. If you skip this step then you will end upgetting rice that will be very sticky and you do not want to deal with that. Soak the rice for 30 minutes.

I usually set a timer as the grains breakif they soak for too long. After 30 minutes drain the water and spreadthem out so that the excess water drips off. Always take a large pot for cooking rice. In that way the rice grains will get enoughspace to expand and maintain their shape. Add little oil and then ghee. Ghee is totally optional, you can even usebutter or you can use only oil. We need some whole spices. Dried bay leaf, green cardamoms, cloves, acinnamon stick and whole cumin seeds that is jeera.

Whenever you are using any whole spices alwaysremember to toast the spices on very low heat till they turn fragrant. Do not add them in very hot oil as they willburn and ruin your dish. Next comes onion slices. As always I sprinkle little salt to help themsoften up faster. Stir them frequently on medium heat. In the meantime I will prepare a spice paste. I need some grated ginger, then turmeric powder, red chili powder and some garam masala powder. Add a few tablespoons of water and mix.

Now, you can even add a tablespoon of currypowder to this but today I will stick to the light and mild nature of this dish. My onions have turned soft and have startedto get little golden along the edges. Here, we are looking for this kind of a situation. I also need some black peppercorns which Ihave ground in my mortar and pestle. I like to keep them coarse. Then comes the spice paste.

Fry on medium heat. Now I have taken these vegetables. Potatoes are a must for this recipe, thenI have taken cauliflower and carrots. Add them to the pot. Add some salt. Stir them on medium high heat for about 10minutes. In between you can cover the pot but stirthem frequently till they are about fifty percent done. Next it’s time for the rice to dive in. Remember to drain out all that water fromthe rice before adding to the pot. Stir with gentle hands on medium low heat.

One Pot Vegetable Rice Recipe

Do not fry the rice too much as that willmake them hard. Soon you will hear little crackling noisesfrom the rice and this is an indication that it is time to add water. Use the same cup in which you had measuredrice to measure water. Since I took 2 cups of rice so I added 4 cupsof hot water. You can even use vegetable broth. Then add some lemon or lime juice and keepit on medium low heat. Add a generous amount of salt than you usuallydo. Taste the water and if it doesn’t tastesalty then add a little more.

And you need to add the salt at this stageor else the rice won’t taste good. Occasionally just give a stir with gentlehands. Remember guys you are handling rice here andnot pebbles or stones. Oh and do not attempt to try this recipe ifyou are in a bad mood. You need to handle the rice with a lot oflove which I don’t think will be possible, if you are in a bad mood. Soon you will see the rice grains are swellingup and coming to the surface. Most of the water will be soaked up by therice and you will see these tiny bubbles on top.

At this point I like to add little groundnutmeg that is jayfal. This is totally optional but I think it bringsin a nice flavor to this mild dish . Then frozen green peas. If you are using fresh ones then add it inthe beginning along with the other vegetables. Then cover it and keep it on very very lowheat for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, again with very gentle handsjust run your spatula around the sides and loosen up the rice a little bit. Then again cover it on very low heat for another5 minutes. After 5 minutes take it off heat and let itsit on the counter for 10 to 15 minutes.

Do not be tempted to open the lid at thistime to catch a glimpse of all that beauty. The rice grains will use up all that residualheat of the pot and become fluffier resulting in each grain separating out. After 15 minutes again with gentle hands loosenup the rice. And how many times did I bore you with thatword gentle, did anyone count ? Then you know how much I love coriander leavesbut again this is optional. Serve this with raita or any salad of yourchoice or a spicy pickle or papadums. Check out the recipe of raita coming up atthe end. 

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