This Is Why You Should Replace Salt With Oregano

This Is Why You Should Replace Salt With Oregano

Do you have high blood pressure? Have you ever thought about substituting saltwith oregano? If you have high blood pressure, you possiblyalso fall into the group of people that love more savory, salty foods.

Are we right? But, according to a study by a nutritionistin a Brazilian university, adding oregano and other fine herbs to dishes can help hypertensivepatients reduce their salt intake. The study observed 120 people, some with highblood pressure and others with healthy blood pressure.

The patients tried samples of bread with differentamounts of salt and oregano. Without any difference in the texture or appearanceof the samples, the patients tried three types of bread, drinking a glass of water in betweeneach piece, then shared their preferences. In the experiment, hypertensive patients indicateda preference for the samples with less salt and more oregano.

Interesting, isn’t it? The researchers also thought about addingother seasonings to substitute salt, like onions, garlic, and rosemary. However, oregano was the seasoning of choiceby the patients that took the taste-test.

Are you enjoying the video so far? Leave a comment to let us know if we are contributingto inform you. The study also showed that patients with healthyblood pressure, who preferred bread with a medium concentration of salt, started to favorthe samples with less salt.

Did you know that? But now you must be asking yourself: why isit better to substitute salt with oregano? Replacing salt with oregano and other naturalseasonings is better for your health because the excess of salt in hypertensive people’sdiet can lead to strokes and heart attacks.

So, if you have high blood pressure and didn’tknow about it, make the change in your kitchen right now. And stay tuned on our channel. In the next videos, you will learn more benefitsof this incredible and easily accessible seasoning!

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