Why You Should Have a Glass of Ginger Water Every Day

Why You Should Have a Glass of Ginger Water Every Day

Have you ever heard about starting your daywith lemon water? Today you will learn why starting your daywith some ginger can be even better! Ginger has amazing benefits for our health,such as: Helps eliminate kidney stones;Eliminates toxins from the liver; Helps with weight loss;Boosts metabolism; Stimulates fat burn;Improves blood circulation; Improves digestion;Fights heartburn and flatulence; Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory;Protects the stomach and reduces nausea and vomiting;Prevents colorectal cancer.

Isn’t it all super interesting? Because of all these benefits, in today’svideo, we will teach you how to make ginger water to start your day well! Did you know that drinking a glass of gingerwater while fasting, and at least 17 oz more during the day, helps you lose weight? It accelerates fat burn, especially in thebelly.

But, besides that, other benefits are worthadding ginger water to your routine, like the ones we mentioned above. Ginger is a root that detoxes the body andimproves intestinal function, which accelerates the metabolism, prevents water retention,and helps with weight loss. Besides ginger, you can also add some lemon,eggplant, cinnamon, or cucumber to your water.

They are all ingredients that potentializethe slimming effect of water, besides contributing to control bloating throughout the day. Are you enjoying the video so far? Leave a comment to let us know if we are contributingto inform you.

Ginger water must be prepared as a tea. To make it, follow the proportion of 0.8 inchesof fresh ginger (or 1 teaspoon of ginger powder) for every 34 oz. of water. Put all ingredients in a pot and let it boilfor 8 to 10 minutes. Turn off the heat, close the pot, and waituntil lukewarm to strain and drink.

If you want to add lemon, squeeze 1 lemonin your glass right before drinking it. If you aim to lose weight, you should followa diet low in fats and sugar and also regularly practice physical activities. So, what do you think of this recipe? Try it and share your opinion with us.

It is necessary to pay attention as gingerreduces blood viscosity when consumed in big amounts. Its consumption by people who regularly takeblood thinners such as aspirin, must be orientated by a nutritionist to avoid the risk of hemorrhage.

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